Monday, 19 September 2016

The smallest NYC apartments for sale

Check out these itty-bitty studios, with none measuring over 300 square feet

There are tiny New York City apartments, and then there are tiny New York City apartments—the ones where you wonder how, exactly, someone could live there.


But they exist, and what's more, people are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on them. That's maybe not outrageous by NYC standards, where anything under $1 million can seem like a steal, but it's certainly not the norm—at least, not anywhere but New York City.

But where are these apartments, and—more importantly—what do they look like? With the help of the fine folks at NeighborhoodX, we've mapped ten of the tiniest residences available for sale in NYC at the moment. (A caveat: These are, for the most part, the apartments that had square footage included along with their listings; as we all know, there are thousands of teeny-tiny New York apartments that are on the market, but whose true size is a mystery.) None measure more than 300 square feet, and the cheapest one (a Midtown studio) is going for $275,000. Welcome to NYC real estate in 2016.


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