Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Mapping 15 of New York City's ugliest buildings

We asked Curbed readers to weigh in on the city's unloveliest buildings, and they had plenty of opinions

Back in June, we asked Curbed NY commenters to weigh in on the most unattractive buildings in New York City—and oh, did they deliver. Dozens of you were eager to share opinions on the city's ugliest buildings, with nominees ranging from modern supertalls to the quotidian architecture found in outer-borough neighborhoods.

But there were some clear winners (or, well, losers) whose architecture was derided time and time again—sorry, MSG, though it's not like anyone is surprised—and so we've rounded up 15 of the buildings that got the most unfavorable mentions from the Curbed commentariat. (Don't worry, we're also going to round up the most beautiful buildings in the city soon!)

If a structure that you find particularly objectionable didn't make it onto the list, let us know in the comments below—and remember, we're just the messengers here.


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