Tuesday, 21 June 2016

10 Great New York City Starter Homes

These NYC pads would be perfect for first-time home buyers

What does a "starter home" look like in New York City? In other cities, that may mean spending a modest amount of money on a single-family home; here, that's … probably not the case. But there are still deals to be had for young (or not-so-young) first-time buyers who want to own a piece of NYC—if you know where to look.

As part of Curbed's larger feature on first-time home buying, we set out to find 10 great starter homes in the five boroughs (yes, all five boroughs), covering a wide swath of what's available in New York right now. And while we've included a couple of pricey pads (there's always going to be the outlier who actually can spend $1 million on their first home, after all), the majority are priced at under $500,000—which is reasonable since, according to a recent StreetEasy study, the typical first-time buyer can afford up to $524,000 in NYC.


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