Monday, 20 June 2016

NYC Pride: 20 Historic LGBT Sites to Visit

Check out these must-see LGBT landmarks in New York City during Pride Month

Each year, thousands of people descend on New York City for the Pride March, commemorating the riots that erupted following a police raid at Stonewall Inn in 1969. But while well-known landmarks like the Stonewall Inn or The Center are a major part of the Pride festivities, there are lots of other historic sites throughout the city that played a part in the LGBT rights movement in the city.

Whether you're a local or just in town for the NYC Pride festivities, be sure to check out these historic sites. They recognize the efforts of the individuals that brought about changes for the LGBT community, celebrate their victories, and commemorate those who were lost in the struggle. And as always, be sure to let us know about other sites we may have missed in the comments.


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