Thursday, 7 July 2016

Where to Find Free Air Conditioning During an NYC Heat Wave

Need to cool off? Head to one of these New York City sites for some sweet, sweet A/C relief

When the mercury rises, the first reaction for many New Yorkers is to flee to the nearest public pool or beach (or to flee the city altogether), but sometimes the best solution is some good ol' fashioned, ice cold air conditioning. Museums and movie theaters are an obvious respite, but who wants to shell out $15 just to stop sweating? In addition to the city-designated cooling centers, there are dozens of places in New York where you can bask in refrigerated air for free. If your personal A/C comes in the form of a crappy window unit that only succeeds in increasing your electric bill, this map is for you——and heat-stroked tourists.

Know a great spot that we missed? Leave a comment or send a note to the tipline, and we'll add it to the map.


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