Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The 30 Most Expensive New York City Homes For Sale

See the blockbuster homes currently on the market in NYC

It's time to revisit the most expensive residential properties for sale in New York. Despite word that prices in the city may be leveling out, there's no indication of that in the uppermost echelon of real estate, where an enormous penthouse $120 million, and properties are being sold alongside perks like not one, but two free Rolls Royce Phantoms, special temperature-controlled vaults for storing furs, and walls covered in Herm├Ęs leather.

We last took stock of the top end of inventory in March, and this go-round, a few stalwarts have been taken off the market (say goodbye to the Walker Tower penthouse, and the Baccarat penthouse), allowing in plenty of fresh picks. And thanks to the fact that there are so many listings asking an even $50 million, we've bumped the number up to 30 instead of 25. The lower end of the list this year falls right in between 2014 ($44 million) and 2015 ($55 million), but one thing remains the same: the properties are all in Manhattan, and they're all very expensive.


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