Friday, 6 May 2016

10 NYC Cultural Institutions Undergoing Major Renovations

Including The Met, MoMA, the NYPL and several others

New York City's cultural attractions are perhaps its biggest draw, not just for tourists who flock to the city from across the world, but also for locals, many of whom have fostered and continue to champion these institutions. But like everything else in the age of the internet, many of these centers need to change and evolve to stay relevant, and to transfix the imaginations of a whole new generation of cultural aficionados. And so it holds that some of the biggest institutions in the city will see some major additions and renovations, like David Chipperfield's planned renovation of the southwest wing of the Met or the New York Public Library's efforts to create a new system to retrieve books. Many of these projects are still in the early planning stages, and some have already gotten underway. Here's a recap of a few of the major institutions slated for renovation, and just what we should expect to see from them in the future.


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